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Mevada Miner Tracking System: Innovative Solution in Underground Work Safety

The Mevada Miner Tracking System is a domestic technology project developed to ensure the health and safety of personnel working underground. This project aims to enhance mine safety by integrating personnel tracking, reporting, and emergency alert systems using communication technologies suitable for the structure within the mine.​

Continuous monitoring of the locations of personnel working in the challenging working environments of mines and instant perception of their situations allow for the prevention of numerous adverse conditions. Additionally, tracking equipment contributes to workforce efficiency gains, prevents time losses, and enables the creation of new work processes.

Through a network created within the mine, digital map interaction will transmit the real-time locations of miners and vehicles based on the actual coordinate system via installed wired and wireless devices. These data will be recorded, allowing the generation of various reports.

The system is designed with an emergency automatic early warning system to send an alarm to the monitoring point when signals cannot be received from communication devices in the mine. The alarm screen provides real-time notification of the location of the device with no signal, enabling a quick response in case of accidents or emergencies.

As Turkey's indigenous Wireless Location-Based Occupational Safety System manufacturer, Mevada has adapted its experience in this field to the mining sector, introducing the next generation 'Underground Personnel Tracking Security System.' Mevada's technology offers a pioneering solution to maximize the safety of personnel working underground, providing mining operations with a safer working environment.​


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